Sunset at the Power Station
Millmerran Power Station

PO Box 196

Telephone: (07) 4612 0800


Millmerran Power has a proud safety record of more than five years with no Lost Time Injuries.


Millmerran Power Project provides direct employment to about 230 people and supports additional employment through support of local industries and associated economic activity.


Millmerran Power is a two unit generating station located near the town of Millmerran in south west Queensland.

It supplies enough electricity to power approximatley 1.1 million homes.

A base-load power station, the plant produces power at optimum levels for 24 hours every day.

Coal for the power station comes from the adjacent open-cut coal mine, which not only helps lower consumer electricity costs but also creates minimal environmental impact on the surrounding land.

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Millmerran Power's sophisticated "supercritical" boiler technology reduces coal use and produces 10 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional coal-fired plants.

The use of air-cooling technology to condense the steam from the turbine exhaust results in 90 per cent less water use than conventional plants.

The process water that is used is tertiary treated effluent sourced from the local community and processed by a project-built pipeline and treatment plant.

A program to plant around the trees around the 9,000 hectare site will help link wildlife corridors on the project land as well as protect a rare grass species.

All run-off water is contained on site and is reused, ensuring no sediment enters local waterways.

All waste ash from the combustion process is deposited back in the mine to avoid the need for an invironmentally hazardous ash store dam.

Millmerran's Environmental Monitoring Program assesses any impacts on water, air, soil, flora and fauna. Millmerran performs monthly monitoring of surface water, sediment and dust quality, weather and climatic conditions, noise levels, emissions screening, and agricultural impacts.


Millmerran Power established a A$2 million Community Benefits Fund which has provided grants in the areas of water supply and sewage treatment upgrades, construction of a hospital helipad and to a wide range of community organisations. This Fund continues to provide grants to community organisations.

Millmerran Power has strengthened ties with Aboriginal groups to preserve and promote the region's cultural heritage including building a Cultural Resource Centre as a "keeping place" for historical articfacts, which hosts visits by local schools and citizens.

Cultural Heritage Funds were established with three Traditional Owner groups to fund education, training and development skills for their members.